Irish Italian family, husband to a hottie and father to 3 crazy kids. I am a stay at home dad and although I have a degree in Criminal Justice, I chose my family over a Law Enforcement career, I have a lot to say, and I always tell it like it is. If you don't like it, you can get off my blog. I had every intention of being a cop but things change; decided not to move away for a job and stay to support my wife's career. I would rather do that than her get that knock at the door at 2 A.M. The words "I am a lover and not a fighter" do not apply to me. Oh I am a lover, but if you disrespect my wife or my kids I will unleash the fury of hell upon you.   My wife and I are both currently in school full time, raising a family, and my wife also works full time at a doctor’s office while in med school.  Currently renovating our house by myself inside and out and it is taking forever and breaking the bank.  I have been known to feed my kids cereal or Ramen Noodles for dinner although I love to cook.   I am always looking for good deals but hate Wal-Mart.  I love to blog about family, life and the buzz, nothing is off the table with me, and like I said, I usually tell it like it is.  We are an average fun family with normal issues. Well, maybe not normal!  

People ask, “is Mcgoobersons your family name?”  No its not.  This name came about years ago while my family and I were out at a Christmas event and we had all dressed up in Santa hats and kids all wearing Christmas clothes.  My wife’s sister made the comment “you all look like a bunch of goobers” my wife replies “we are the mcgoobersons” and it stuck.  Believe me, we are a bunch of goobers.  We are today's version of the Griswalds. 

I Like
Fishing and taking my kids fishing.(saltwater) I enjoy a good movie of any kind even chick flicks.  
Movie nights are great.  Working on computers.  I like visiting hotels and seeing the architecture and design of them.  Lets face it, who doesn't want a hotel resort as a master bedroom and even better than that is sex in a luxury master bedroom.   I also enjoy preparing meals for the family and trying new great foods.  Best food I ever had was in Jersey (where my wife is from) at the shore.  Did I mention I enjoy good sex.
Fishing While On Vacation In Jersey
I hate
Clowns and not haha Good Fellas kind of clown, I mean clowns literally.
The media and the way that they put a twist and a slant on everything.  Perfect example, the Trayvon and Zimmerman case. (Don't even get me started on that.)  I hate weight gain that comes from the food I love to make and eat. LOL
I do not like drug addicts that do not try and get help.Wal-Mart is the Devil. Computer repair shops. Welfare recipients that purposely work the system.  Fat people that know they are fat but go out in public dressed like a circus side show freak act. Wet socks,sand, and cat hair. When my kids do not listen.  Leaving something unfinished. Despise women beaters and abusers.

If you want to read more of the story you can see some of my older posts. 

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