Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years 2013

While most people will be watching Dick Clark's New Years Rocking Eve and waiting with a drink in their hand to kiss the person they love when the ball drops, it is a much different New Years celebration this first day of 2013.  In fact it is not a celebration at all.

Just three days after Christmas my wife receives a frantic phone call around 1 A.M. on December 28, 2012.   It is her dad on the other end of the phone asking her to rush over; we live just blocks away so it is just a minute drive.  Her dad explains her mom can't breathe and my wife does not hesitate.  My wife arrives and quickly realizes it is more serious that just the normal out of breath from being sick and coughing hard.  My wife being in the medical field, she realizes her mom is in respiratory failure.  911 is called and it takes the paramedics 12 minutes to arrive on the scene.

The paramedics load her mom into the ambulance and realizing how quickly she is deteriorating they waste no time by running red lights and doing 90 M.P.H on the highway as my wife tries to keep up with them.  They arrive at the hospital where they intubated her mom in order for her to breathe.

The entire family has come together for the love of their mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, and wife; friends have been there to support them as well during this sudden and difficult time.  However every family does have that one outcast in the family that just can't be bothered but for the sake of  my wife's mom, I will not name those people.  They know who they are I am sure.

My wife's mom is in the ICU wing of the hospital clinging to life after going into respiratory failure.  Hooked up to life support since December 28, 2012 the family was faced with the hardest decision a husband and siblings could ever make.  Knowing that their mom does not want drastic measures taken to save her life the husband and father of the siblings decides to sign a DNR.

So tonight we rang in the New Year hoping and praying that the DNR will be a moot point once the vent is removed today this first day of 2013; in hopes that God will show everyone a miracle and the mom, wife, grandmother, and mother-in-law will breathe on her own and pull through.

The family is devastated because this is so sudden.  It hit everyone like a Mack truck without brakes.  Everyone is so torn up over this but I feel my wife and 12 year old son is taking it the hardest.

Myself, well, I am taking it pretty hard to.  I am taking it hard because this situation reminds me of the devastation I felt in 1998 when my grandmother whom I called Nanny killed herself at the age of 56.  My wife's mom allowed me to stay in their home for a week after the incident.  I was extremely emotional and not of sound mind during that time.

My five and nine year old daughters pray while holding rosaries for their grandmother to make it.

Today I prayed for nearly an hour.  I begged God to help her pull through and give her enough strength to make it.  And I am sure my prayers are just one of many for her today.

We will see what the day brings.  I hope it brings the answer to everyone's prayers.

For now, all we can do is wait and pray,  happy New Years to everyone.