Friday, August 31, 2012

Medical Scrubs - Contest - Free to Good Home

Today is your lucky day.  I have medical scrubs up for grabs.  This is a contest not a sale! 

I was going to sell them however I decided that in this economy free is better.

One lucky person will win all scrubs shown in photo plus extra scrub tops and or pants not shown in photo.  The sizes are 2XL only.

This contest is simple and the rules are as follows.

1. You MUST be currently employed in the medical field, in school for the medical field, or both.
2. You must like this post and comment on this post on FB in order to be entered.

3. You must present your ID badge or school ID in a photo shot as proof. (Bar codes or personal identifying information other than your name, name of school , your employers name may be blacked out if need be). –OR- Comment on this post on FB and share your favorite photo of you at work/school in scrubs with your badge or name tag on.  Again it must be posted as a comment on this post on FB or on my wall if the post will not allow you to share a photo and it must be you in the photo not your dog dressed in scrubs. lol. 

4. The winner will be announced VIA FB.  You will have 48 hours to respond either via my blog contact form or FB otherwise a new winner will be chosen.

5. Local winner (Ocala) can pick up the scrubs or have them shipped.  Out of area winner (U.S. and Canada) can have them shipped but you will have to pay shipping of no more than $12.00. (if you are out of area the details for paying shipping can be worked out after you win)  I have decided that I will not charge shipping to the winner providing you are in the U.S. OR Canada.  

6. Entries from people that are NOT in the medical field or not in school for some sort of medical career will not be accepted.   To me, Medical field defines anything to do with the medical field that requires scrub uniforms.

There you have it.  A very simple, fun, and friendly contest!  I wish everyone the best of luck and I hope that this contest helps someone out that really could use the scrubs.  Contest will end Sept. 30, 2012 at 12am.

If you do not need the scrubs but know someone that does, feel free to have them enter.


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Honey Boo Boo Child

OOingle - Rootin' for Deals: Get a $70 Knife for ONLY $8.95 SHIPPED!!

OOingle - Rootin' for Deals: Get a $70 Knife for ONLY $8.95 SHIPPED!!: Choose which knife you want for FREE $69.95 VALUE and then only pay $8.95 shipping. These would make for some nice gifts for the gu...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Retail Therapy- Shunned by Wal-Mart

This post and photos were created by Freetail Therapy all rights belong to Freetail Therapy.  I just wanted to share since I am an avid hater of Wal-Mart.

Originally, I was going to go to WalMart for this trip, because one of.the items that I wanted was only sold.there. Unfortunately, thhey don’t know the difference between per-purchase and per-transaction, and refused to accept my order. The exact words used by ZSM Mel were “If I have to put my key in, I’m not doing it. I am clocking out and going home.” Then cancelled my order and left. I then waited at the Customer Service desk for over an hour talking to Assistant Managers, and corporate office since the store manager was nowhere to be found. They flat out refused and I got frustrated and took my order next door to Price Chopper. They were SUPER friendly and helpful at Price Chopper, and I managed to even save more. I did not get the frozen lasagnas that WalMart had, but that was the only thing I missed out on. Turns out, when we left WalMart, they threw out the lasagna… All $200 worth!
Heads up WalMart, your coupon policy says “There is no limit on the number of coupons per transaction.” so, you just lost out on a $400+ order because you don’t know how to train your cashiers and managers correctly.
I used a lot of the FREE coupons that I got at BlogHer, like the FREE Dannon 4-packs, FREE Coffeemate, FREE Baileys Coffee Creamer, FREE Kozy Shack Puddings, FREE Hilshire Farm, FREE Jimmy Dean, FREE Egglands Best, FREE Land O’Lakes Eggs and more. I also used the $5/1 Twelve Rolls of Quilted Northern (on sale for $5.99!!), and some 55¢/1 Kozy Shack that PC doubled to $1.10/1 (they were $1.29 each!). I also had some $1/1 Gallon milk, 50¢/a PC brand pasta and more.
My Grand Total before coupons was $449.22 and I paid $71.51 (I had four $5 Similac Checks that went through as $20 in cash) for a total of 85% saved!
This was supposed to be saved for when I went on Extreme Couponing, however, it looks as if it will not happen before the coupons expired, and I couldn’t throw money away.
All-in-all, I am THRILLED with my savings, and I am not done with WalMart. I do expect an apology from the District Manager for what I went through today. Alas, this is not the first time this has happened to me at this same Walmart, with the same ZSM…so I am even more upset than I would have been, if it was the first time.
Thank you Freetail Therapy for sharing........

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Off to a Good Start - School Year 2012-2013

So yesterday was the first day of school for my three little angels.  Angels??  Yea right.  They are sweet, but not that sweet.

I realized just how old I am getting yesterday. Time goes by so fast.  I now have a kindergartener, third grader, and one in middle school.  Surprisingly all three were excited to go to school and I am thankful for that because when I was my son’s age I already hated school. 

My 5 year old looked so cute in her new uniform, it was adorable.   All of them looked so big this year. 

I will tell you though, as much as it cost to buy uniforms, supplies, school lunch, and everything else I had to buy I am not looking forward to paying for their college….

My son elected to have me buzz his head this year.  I don’t think he thought it through though.  After I cut it he said “I don’t have any hair”.  Haha-- I said to him “what did you think a buzz cut was”?  I think he has gotten used to it though, and I think he enjoys not having to get up in the morning and do up his hair. 
The kids jumped right out of bed yesterday.  I made ham, egg, and cheese bagels for them and my daughter says to me “you are the best daddy ever” I said “why”? She replied “because you are making us a good breakfast and not giving us cereal”.  As much as I love hearing “I am the best daddy ever”, I was thinking don’t get used to it kid because I am not cooking every morning.  I usually reserve that for test days, so I can make sure they have a good protein intake.  

After I cooked I packed their lunch boxes , I made fat ham and cheese sandwiches for them, deli style.  I wanted to make sure they had plenty to eat on the first day.  I know it was exciting for them but I am sure there was some anxiety too.  What better way to fix that than to enjoy a good lunch.

We got to school and my two oldest rushed right off to class, practically ran.  I couldn’t believe how eager they were to get to class.  My youngest was so cute.  She made us walk behind her so she could technically get to class by herself.  She sat down at the table, had a huge smile on her face, and was so giggly. 

My wife was stressed all day yesterday, worried that they wouldn’t have a good day.  I kept telling her I was sure they would be fine.  We picked them up and I was right, they had wonderful days.

This morning I decided to cook for them again and as I began to fire up the stove my middle one says to me “I don’t want to eat that today” I said “OK, what do you want”?  “Pop tarts” she says.  Pop tarts, really?  Then of course my youngest follows suite.  “Daddy, I want pop tarts too”.   Not my son though.  He was like I want the good stuff.  LOL-- I tried to explain to my daughters that if they eat pop tarts they will crash in about an hour from all the sugar and carbs but how do you explain that to kids.  Yea, good luck.

My wife calls me after she drops them off this morning and tells me that my youngest did not want to be walked to class.  My daughter said “you are embarrassing me mommy”.  Really, already?  I would expect this from my son but not my five year old.  She is like a little old lady stuck in a five year olds body.
The school year is off to a pretty good start.  Let’s see how long it will last.  I am sure it won’t be long before my son comes home and says “oh, I “accidently” left my homework at school”.  Yea, like I was born yesterday.

Hope everyone’s school year is off to a good start as well.  Feel free to share your stories.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iPad Giveaway

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Kids - In Bed by Eight or Maybe Not

So, I have been making the kids go to bed early because school is just around the corner.  I want them to get used to it again so I do not have to fight with them in the mornings. There is nothing worse than trying to get three kids up for school that are to tired to get up at 6am.  

I remember being that age and fighting my mom in the mornings, then dragging butt in school all day and sometimes falling asleep in class.  So I try and stay on top of it.  Dinner, showers by seven, and then bed at eight.  With the long days kids have is school today I think a good night sleep is important.

So tonight I put them to bed at 8pm.  I figure 8pm is a good bed time.  I know some may say that is to early  and some may say that is still to late, but I think it's a perfect time. I mean if it were 11pm then yes, that's to late for a school night or mach school night. 

Anyway,  about 10 minutes after I tucked them into bed my daughter, who just turned nine, came out and placed her phone on the arm of the couch.  There was a video on the screen but it was not yet playing.

I pressed play and the following video it what I saw.

Now how can I say no to that?  I gave her an extra 20 minutes just because she put so much effort into it.  You got to love kids.