Monday, July 23, 2012

OOingle - Rootin' for Deals: Back to School Uniforms Deals!!

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This is just a quick post for those of you that have kids and need uniforms for school.  This link has some pretty good prices for online orders.  If you have kids as I do, 3 to be exact, then you know how expensive buying school clothes can be.  It adds up quick.

So here you go, enjoy and happy shopping.

OOingle - Rootin' for Deals: Back to School Uniforms Deals!!: George - Boys' 7-Piece Short-Sleeve Polo Shirts & Flat Front Pants Value Bundle $43 All uniforms are tagless for comfort, treated ... did not in any way receive compensation for this post.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Time Definitely Does Not Stand Still

With school, blogging, and taking care of three kids it seems like there is not enough time in the day.  Sometimes it feels like everything runs together.  You know what I mean, those days when you would swear it’s only Tuesday but it’s actually Thursday, or you look at the clock and 3 hours have passed when it feels like 3 minutes.

Always seems like all work and no play.

Well, today on this Friday the 13th I have something to look forward to tonight.  The YMCA is having parent’s night out, so we are dropping off the kids and having a much needed night out.  Some adult time if you will; my days are filled with conversations and arguments with kids ALL DAY so I say it’s about time.
For 3hrs I won’t have to hear “Daddy, he’s playing my video games, Daddy, he called me fat head, Daddy, he pinched me, Daddy, she’s in my room again”, Daddy this, Daddy that! Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids but sometimes you just need a break and I am sure there are plenty of moms that would agree with me.

So tonight it is all about the food.  That’s right, food.  I am going to Bonefish tonight to enjoy a good steak and a delicious side of Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops. I will most like begin the meal with a Caesar Salad though.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I definitely do not go to Bonefish often so when I do it’s a treat.  Let’s face it; no one really has the money to go out to eat anymore.

What am I doing after the meal?  I’m not sure.  Sex would be good but I don’t see that happening. There really isn't going to be enough time.  Not unless we do what we as teenagers called a “drive by”, use your imagination on that one. 

We could go Pier One Imports but then I would want to buy things.  Maybe we will just stretch dinner out until it is time to get the kids.  With travel time factored in I am sure it will be close time wise anyway.  Not like 3 hours is a lot of time.

Nevertheless it will be time well spent and much needed.

Rolling Greens Ocala, Florida-Another Million Dollar Company-Shitting on the Little Guy-This Could be Your Grandparents

I was recently contacted by a gentleman by the name of Walter Neal; who is a senior as well as a Veteran.  He saw my blog and came to me with a problem that he hopes I can shed some light on.  I may not be able to make the situation better but I can however raise some eyebrows.

Mr. Neal told me a story about a retirement community named Rolling Greens Mobile Home Park off of Baseline in Ocala, FL, a story that is a growing epidemic in the state of Florida.  Rolling Greens charges high lot rent to home owners on fixed incomes.  Rolling Greens also has a yearly lot rent increase with no cap.  Walter Neal began paying around $375.00 when he moved into the Park however he now pays $600.00.  Now imagine if you had a mortgage payment on top of the lot rent like so many in Rolling Greens do.  Mr. Neal owns his home free and clear but the $600.00 a month in lot rent plus ad-valorem and non-ad-valorem taxes that are passed on to him from the owners of the park are unreasonable by anyone’s standards.  The Florida Government unlike other states seems to hang our seniors out to dry very frequently.

Mr. Neal and his wife Cheryl are being thrown out of their home that he owns but rents the lot that it sits on.  Like so many other seniors Mr. Neal is living on Social Security.  We all know what S.S benefits are like and how difficult it can be to manage from check to check, especially if you have to purchase medications.

Mr. Neal has lived in Rolling Greens for five years and states he has felt constantly harassed after new management was put in charge of the park. 

Mr. Neal says “It began with my taxes.  I paid them to the county after receiving both bills but the managers made me double pay by paying the same payment to them.  I never received a refund either.  This happened to me more than once and even after I showed the receipt from the county they still ordered me to pay.  I feel ripped off and taken advantage of.”

Mr. Neal admits that at one point he did fall behind on his lot rent but was catching up as quickly as he could and always communicated with the front office of the park.  The front office manager began to receive cash payments from Mr. Neal after the office manager advised him he could absolutely pay her in cash although Rolling Greens is supposed to have a strict no cash payment policy.  After making several cash payments Mr. Neal began to notice that his statements were out of balance and it seemed like no matter how much he paid, the payments grew farther behind. 

Mr. Neal had a meeting with the office manager so he could try and get to the bottom of it and maybe understand his statement a little better, but to his dismay the office manager was extremely rude and treated him as if he were uneducated and ignorant.  Her attitude, according to Mr. Neal, was that he owes what he owes and that is the bottom line.

After Mr. Neal did not acquire any answers he and his wife decided to stop payment to the park completely.  After all, management states they allegedly owe to the tune of $3,000 toward lot rent; Mr. Neal finds this hard to believe and cannot wrap his mind around it.   Note: Court Papers were filed after he refused to pay any more cash to the manager.

On July 9, 2012 Mr. Neal requested a ledger printout from the front office by my advice to him and the manager refused.  She simply told him “no”, and “maybe you should speak with the company attorney”.  Mr. Neal is entitled to a ledger of all payments yet he is being denied his right to the documents.  The company attorney proves to be just as useless; but what else would you expect from a spineless, heartless, sack of monkey shit attorney, who hides behind a fancy suit, a desk, and a pen. 

Mr. Neal also has an email into the corporate office that was sent on July 10, 2012 that has not yet been answered.  Mr. Neal is allowing a few more days for a return email. 

If Mr. Neal is thrown out he is not just losing a lot space for his house, he is losing his house as well.  He cannot afford the 3-5 thousand dollars it would cost to have it moved and I am sure Rolling Greens will place a lien on it just to render the home useless to him.

I cannot ASS-U-ME that the manager(s) of Rolling Greens are pocketing cash payments from residents.  However I can with a clear conscious state that something needs to be done about the lot rent being raised so high in an area where unemployment was at 15% only months ago.  Instead of our Government wasting tax dollars on things that could be put on the back burner, they should be taking care of our retired Veterans and seniors.  I mean after all, so many seniors are Veterans and fought for our country just to be tossed to the curb after the Government is done with them.  We have homeless war vets that have lost everything, so they sleep on the streets and steal to survive.  Where is our Government when this is going on?  Spending billions on trying to stop marijuana use, spending thousands on hookers, and wasting money trying to serve up a health care bill that will be sure to doom your parents, grandparents, and our children if it is allowed to continue; that is where the Government has its priorities.   Our President is more worried about being a celebrity then he is a President to the United States.

So I say to Mr. Neal, I cannot help you keep your home but it is apparent to me that there is some undue haste in this case.  I hope by some miracle that if your cash payments were pocketed, that your situation gets rectified quickly and without any extra stress on you or your wife.

This post is dedicated to all of the seniors and Veterans that for so many years have been taken advantage of and thrown to the wolves by our Government and local Governments alike.

Disclaimer: was not compensated in any way for this post.  Statements presented in this post in regards to Rolling Greens were  provided to by Walter Neal and to my knowledge were made true and correct. reserves the right to freedom of speech.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Response Video to (MattyBRaps & Cimorelli) "Call Me Maybe" Parody

My 5 and 8 year old daughters always watch Mattybraps and begged me to do a video.  I said no at first but they begged me.  How can I say no to those faces?  As much as they have watched his video they can probably sing it in their sleep. 

 I am beginning to think that both of my daughters are infatuated with that Mattyb kid.  She keeps wanting write him on Facebook and I had to explain to her that he most likely will not write back.  She said "then why does he have a Facebook page, that's not very nice"?  I then tried to explain the whole celebrity thing, yea she still doesn't get it.  I really think she is taking it

Anyway thought I would share the video.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Giveaways Posted


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Enter all you want. 

In this economy I am all about the free stuff.  In my area alone unemployment is at 13% so I say bring on the free stuff.  Even if I don't need it I enter, and if I win, I sell.  I have only won one because I cannot enter my own so I look for others hosting giveaways.  The item I won will be up for giveaway soon.  I am not going to sell this one.  It is a Mario K'nex  set worth $97.00, so look for it soon.

OK as I promised!!!!!

New giveaways posted today.  Moms/Dads will certainly appreciate them.

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