Monday, April 30, 2012

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mr. Mom

My wife has been working her butt off in school.    This week is finals week for both of us but she has 7 classes that she is doing all at the same time.  On top of her being a mom, working, and fulfilling her wifely duties J she has the stress of school.  Believe me, she is Italian and Irish so when she gets stressed I know it.  Sometimes I fear for my life…JUST KIDDING PEOPLE!  Do we get on each other’s nerves sometimes when stress levels are high and the kids are being brats?  Yes, but we always work through it because we try and focus on the big picture.

 I try to relieve her of some of that stress though. (In more ways than one J) In the mornings I get the kids up, feed them, pack lunch boxes and make sure they are dressed properly.   During the week I try to ensure that dinner is ready by the time she gets home with the kids.  I enjoy cooking so it does not bother me in the least unless I am sick of have a killer headache.  (Isn't that the excuse women usually use for other things haha) Besides that if I want something edible I have to cook it anyway..haha  I can also bake. LOL I made a theme cake for my daughter one time and she thought it was the coolest thing ever.

 My wife has so much going on that I frequently clean the house for her too.  I would rather do it anyway, that way I know it’s done right. If the kids help I usually go behind them and redo it.  I am a perfectionist!  That is both strength and a weakness though.

So I am pretty much Mr. Mom, home repair guy, and a cook but that is fine.

I have had people ask stupid questions like “are you gay”? “Does your wife have you whipped”?  People in the family have also made rude comments about me not having a job.  I hear it all the time.

This is the way I see it though.  I graduated from the Police Academy and hiring freezes have been an obstacle.  I could have gone out of town but refuse to uproot my family for my benefit.  So as long as I am home isn’t it the right thing to do?  I know there are men that wouldn’t do any of it and by my definition those are not real men; men who expect their wives to wait on them hand and foot, take care of the kids, and work lack education in the relationship area.

Furthermore who cares if I do not work fulltime?  My wife has said many times she doesn’t want me to not be there for the kids.  My wife likes it the way it is now because it works for us.  I get to spend time with my kids and I am fortunate enough that I do not have to hire day care or a Nanny to watch our kids when school is not in session. So it’s not the case of oh, he’s too lazy to get a job.  Lazy is the last thing I am, and I am not sitting at home watching old football tapes and drinking beer. So to all of the haters ….. SHUT THE FFFFRONT DOOR!

Would I like to have been hired by an agency? Yes, I would have but like my wife keeps telling me, it is what it is, so don’t stress over it.

Last night (4-28-2012) my wife is on the bed studying as I am just blogging away.  We talk back and forth a few times then she gets quiet.  I turned around and she was out cold with a pen still in her hand.  Like a scene from a movie.  So of course I had to take some pictures.
She may just kill me for taking

Mommy's Breath

Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Racist Wal-mart Cashiers Toward White Couponer in Florida

Ok!  I wasn't going to comment or blog about this because it is a very touchy subject. (See the post about “couponer snubbed at Wal-Mart”)  However in light of all the attention that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson usually give these types of situations I am going to.  If you don't like it or you are easily offended well then........Maybe you shouldn't be reading blogs.

Ok this couponing lady goes to the store and in order to save her family money uses multiple coupons.  There is absolutely nothing wrong in that situation.  In this economy we all love to save money.  At least us "white people don't expect it for free"!

Anyway a comment was made by the cashiers "they are always white" meaning the couponers.  Making that statement is like me saying all black people are on food stamps.  That is a much generalized comment and I am sure Al sharpton wouldn't approve. (Of course I am being sarcastic, I could care less what he thinks)

Coupons are meant to save money.  Would the cashiers rather us "white people" be on food stamps and come through their line not having a care in the word how much taxpayer money we spend.  To me this is very ignorant on the cashier’s part. They are probably the type that are in fact on a free government ride and are too damn lazy to cut coupons.  As a matter of fact I think I watched a documentary where Wal-Mart actually encourages its employees to be on welfare. (I will look that up)

Don't get me wrong, if a family truly needs it and they work hard but can’t get ahead that is fine.  Those are the types of families that will still use coupons even with help.

These cashiers are the type that would buy lobster, steak, and shrimp just because the government is paying for it. Then go out and get their hair did. (Yes I typed it like that on purpose) It doesn't make any sense.  If you have a chance to clip and save do it.  If your rent is due on the first you don't go out on the 31'st and buy new rims do you.  Oh wait you probably do.

This really outrages me for two reasons. (1). You have Wal-Mart with the new ads bashing Publix when the truth is you save more at Publix.  I challenge that any day of the week.  The quality and customer service that you get at Publix is far better than the quality and customer service at Wal-Mart.   I will put that to the test any day of the week too. (2). Black people always cry when any other race makes a derogatory statement about the black race; so why is it OK for them to do it to others?

Reasons like this are why I do not shop at Wal-Mart.  Their customer service to be frank sucks and it is always a hassle to shop their because of the attitude you get from all the employees.  If you don't like your job then quit.  Not to mention the place is so dirty.

I really think Wal-Mart should be held accountable for this. I mean you have Wal-Mart in Mexico bribing people left and right now this. What's next?   The family that took over Wal-Mart has run it right into the ground.

The location of the Racist Wal-mart is 355 Cypress Gardens Blvd Winter Haven, FL 33880

So what do you think about this situation?  Don't be afraid to speak out.

White Couponer Snubbed at Wal-Mart  (Original Story)

Couponer Snubbed at Walmart by 3 Racist Cashiers

The below article was written by
I have full written consent to use this article.
No smiley faces were harmed during the writing of this article.

I want to start by saying I am not racist; you will never see or hear me act that way. I will treat any one person how they should be treated based on their actions, never by the color of their skin.

This evening (April 25, 2012) I went into Wal-Mart to do my JingIt scans like I have been doing every evening, and as usual while I walk around Wal-Mart I take notice if someone else is a couponer LOL.

I saw a lady that was walking along up by the registers at one point, coupon caddy in hand and I smiled.

I went about what I was doing and eventually worked my way up front. When I got up front there were three cashiers all up in arms about something. The cashier that took care of me hardly even said one word to me as she was still in a conversation with the other 2 ladies; and it seemed very obvious that they were complaining about a couponer. Comments said by the three cashiers; "They are always white" (mind you all three cashiers are black) "They say they get it from our book but they didn't get it from this store so why do we have to stick to it" (I'm taking they were complaining about the coupon policy) and "I don't know why we have to take them".
After this I think they finally took notice I was standing there and gotten quiet, but as I walked off they started right back to complaining about the situation.

I honestly laughed snidely at it because I would have been pissed if I were that couponer, I'm sure.  Maybe I was reading too much into it and maybe they were talking about something COMPLETELY different. However I know for a fact a few of them was cashiers I have gone to before and they literally have given me hell for handing them coupons.

I really hope the conversation was something different, and they were not just making such generalized assumptions towards a race over couponing just as I try not to do over anything.

So what do you think? To you, does it sound like they were probably complaining about the couponing lady I had seen?

mcgoobersons posted a response to this at Racist Cashiers In Florida Toward White Couponers

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Top 12 Pet Peeves

12.  Crunching while you eat. 
 If I am watching a movie and you are sitting next to me and eating Doritos I don’t want to hear the crunching.

11. Talking or noise during a movie.
If I am watching a movie I do not want to hear dishes banging in the kitchen or the dishwasher running.  Don’t ask 50 questions about the movie either.

10. No purchase necessary details inside.
I hate when I am shopping and see an advertisement for a sweepstakes on a bag of chips or something like that and it reads "no purchase necessary details inside".  So does the mean I can just open the bag, get the details and put it back on the shelf?  I saw Father of the Bride so I know what happens in that situation.

9. Why do you carry a gun?
I hate when people ask that. I will tell you why I carry one.
3 reasons:
    1. A cop is too heavy to carry.
    2. Because when seconds count a cop is still at the donut shop.
    3. I can’t throw a rock at 1200 feet per second.

8.     Spanish
If you are out in public or sitting in a restaurant and everyone around you is speaking English then don't speak Spanish.  It is rude and we may want to hear what you are saying.

7. Guys that wear sandals or better yet guys that wear sandals or flip flops with black socks.
You look like an idiot, so don’t do it.

6. Guys that walk around with their pants two sizes too big and hanging off their ass.
The public does not want to see your Sponge Bob boxers or your butt so buy a belt and pull your pants up.

5. Fat woman that wear clothes that are too small or let their "stuff" hang out.
You know you are fat so look in the mirror before you leave the house.  If you are overweight don’t be a slob about it.  For the love of Pete wear clothes that fit you.  When you bend over I don't want it to look like you sat on Buckwheat's head.  its not the 70's any more shave for crying out loud.

4. People who smoke while their kids are in the back seat.
If you don’t care about your health that’s fine, but give the kids a chance.  I hate when I pull up to a light and I look over and see trash all over the inside of a car and a woman driving with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth with the windows rolled up and 4 kids in the back seat.  You don’t look sexy and you’re killing your kids. Knock it off.

3. Pregnant women who smoke and drink.
If you are smoking and drinking while you are pregnant maybe you should read about the side effects or better yet you shouldn’t be having a kid.

2. The sound of paper tearing.
Don’t ask me why because I have no clue.  When I hear paper tear it gives me the chills I can’t explain it it’s just one of those things.

And my number 1 pet peeve is.........
1.        Clowns!
Clowns are not cute or funny.  They are scary as hell. There is nothing cute about a grown man dressing up as a clown and hanging out with little kids for money.   Kids have nightmares about clowns so don’t invite one to a birthday party.  You saw It and Poltergeist, you know what happens.

What are some of yours?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The "Ham Burglar" No Pigging

This morning was like every other Sunday morning.  I get up around 8am to feed the kids and start getting them ready for Sunday school.

After I poured the kids cereal I came back to bed to lay down for a few minutes.  The kids were at the table eating and arguing as usual, you know, typical morning. 

 All of a sudden I hear my youngest daughter yell “daddy there is a huge dog at the front door”.  They know how I hate dogs in my yard.  I absolutely hate it when the neighbors let their dogs out without a leash and they mosey over and SH#T on my lawn.  I continued to lie in bed for a moment when I hear all three of my children giggling and laughing hysterically.   Now usually when my kids are getting along and laughing they are up to no good.  

Then I hear my daughter say “daddy it’s not a dog it’s a huge pig”. My wife and I looked at each other with that look of yea right.  

We get out of bed and head to the door and wouldn’t you know it there is a huge pig standing at my front door trying to get in.  It was actually grabbing the bottom of the screen door with its mouth and trying to pull it open.  It was the “Ham Burglar”. Wa Waaa Waaa! 

At this point I grabbed my gun and shot it………………..JUST KIDDING!

The poor pig was clearly injured and hungry so I let the kids make it a huge salad.  A whole bag of lettuce, croutons mixed with a half a bag of cat food.  Now I know why they call it eating like a pig.

I let the kids and the cat watch it eat; the pig lay down by the front door for about 10 minutes and then moseyed on off.  

Have no idea where it came from seeing as though I live in a development and not the country but the kids got a kick out of it anyway.

Corrupt Justice System

Rigged courts, bribed judges, phony trials, extortion by lawyers, corrupt corrections officers and hundreds of prisoners in the USA are in prison but not guilty because of corrupt police officers filing phony police reports. 
 I major in Criminal Justice and I am disgusted with what takes place behind the scenes between officials.  I have considered changing my major a million times but am reluctant to do so because I feel I can make a difference.  
Today's legal system is set up to protect the criminal’s rights and not the rights of citizens who are honest.  Florida is one of the worst states in the U.S.A known for not protecting its citizens from big business, scams and people that prey on senior citizens.  
There is a huge double standard when it comes to judges and the court system.  Judges are very rarely held accountable for their mistakes in any state. The doctrine of sovereign immunity protects judges and many other officials. 
A perfect example is the Trayvon Martin and Zimmerman case.  Zimmerman will never get a fair trial.  The media has turned this case into a circus.  At this point even if the evidence does show Zimmerman protected himself, in the media’s eyes and the eyes of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the ambulance chaser attorney he is guilty and should be hung. It makes me sick.

This case has turned completely political at this point.  Zimmerman was arrested because of the pressure from the public and the media on the DA’s office.  It happens all the time.
If the public knew half of the corruption that actually takes place in real life and not just in the movies like people like to think, your head would explode.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Our Family Friend

I want to say thank you to a person who always helps me behind the scenes with coding my websites, blogs, editing family photos and anything else she does.  She always takes that extra step and is professional in doing it.  She has her own family, runs her own coupon blog called (which is awesome you should check it out) and lives long distance, but always manages to fit the work for my sites into her work schedule.   Everything we do has to be done by phone, email and text and she still manages to make it all come together.

Not only is she a business associate but we have been friends for 13 years.  She knows how I work and how picky I am with my website layouts.  She gets aggravated I know but still puts up with me, my demands and work style. Lol She knows my wife as well and always helps her with her projects to.  She knows so much about our lives including identity information that it is scary.  Hard to find people you can trust these days but my wife and I trust her with everything.

I am not using her name because she has no Idea I am writing this, so I don’t know if she would like her name published although I did plug her website in. haha

Anyway thank you for the hard work we appreciate everything you do.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Coke Addiction to the Extreme

I recently read a story about a woman who died because she lived and breathed coke.  No not the kind you snort up your nose people.  I am talking about the popular soft drink Coca-Cola.  This story hit to close to home.  I am sorry for the family's loss.   

We have all heard the jokes about how you can use coke to wash your clothes, clean your driveway or eat the corrosion off of your car battery terminals.  Well I am going to tell you it is all true.  I have used coke to do all of the above.

Why you ask?  I will tell you why.   I did it in hopes of trying to get my wife over the same coke addiction. (Coca-Cola that is)  My wife consumed around a 24 pack and a half a day.  Yes you read that right, a TWENTY- FOUR pack and a half.  My wife was so addicted to coca-cola she even had collectible coke items; plates, cups and bottles just to name a few.

She had coke with breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.  It would be 2am in the morning and if she was down to her last coke she would freak out thinking she wouldn’t have enough in the morning.  So I would have to go to the local 24hr store to get more, like a pregnant lady with a craving for ice cream.

Speaking of pregnant!  My wife had serious complications with her pregnancies because of the coca-cola addiction.   She was admitted to the hospital a several times because of the dehydration.  That’s right dehydration and low potassium levels.  Coke does not quench your thirst, it makes you extremely thirsty; depleting the electrolytes in the body.

The Weight Gain
My wife gained a massive amount of weight from drinking it as well, so much weight that she looked ill. I tried, no I begged her several times to stop drinking it but she wouldn’t.  She loved coke like a fat kid loves cake.  But see you don’t see yourself like that during the time it is happening.

The Change
It wasn’t until July 2010, 9 years after our first child was born that she would make a change. 
In July 2010 my wife set out for her eye doctor appointment.   She figured it would be just like any routine visit.  However it was not.  After my wife gets her eyes examined the doctor breaks the bad news to her.  He tells her at the tender age of 31 she is losing her eyesight and she is showing signs of glaucoma due to the pressure behind her eyes from the weight gain and excessive sugar intake.  Apparently the doctor says there is a huge correlation between high glucose levels and glaucoma.
My wife was nearly in tears.  All she could think about was not being able to see her family again, literally.  On the ride home she swore that she was going to make a change and stop drinking coke. I said“yea right that’s what you always say."  I then said to her but if you are serious and willing I will help you, train you, and support you 100%.
The Reveal
I am glad and proud to say that not only has my wife not touched a single soda since that day but her eye sight is no longer in danger.  The doctor told her that her major life change saved her eyes.  She has lost weight and is looking hotter and healthier than ever. I call her my own personal “MILF”.


Violated by Thieves in the Night and Tips to Help Protect Yourself

On April 1, 2012 I heard a sound coming from my front yard.  I flipped the front light on and proceeded to head outside as I realized I have left my gun sitting on the counter.  After retrieving my weapon I looked out the window and everything seemed okay.  I go outside just to realize both of my vehicles had been broken into.  The thieves removed my kids two T.Vs with DVD player and my GPS.  I had obviously interrupted the thieves so they were unable to obtain other electronics from the vehicles. 

I called the Marion County Sheriff's Office and they responded within minutes. As the deputy and I spoke he informs me there have been reports of thieves that have universal remotes that can unlock a cars key less entry after it has been set. I had absolutely no idea this was going on. I did however know that the crime rate in my area has increased over the past few years. As expected with a declining economy. The crime rate is through the roof and the property value is lower than the national average.

Burglary is at an all time high as are auto break-ins.  I can tell you that the crime the neighborhood does not hear about is absolutely crazy.  Police departments should do a better job of notifying the public.

Most recently a girl was nearly beaten to death on a school bus for Marion Oaks and suffers permanent brain damage. It was her first day of school. She was white and unfortunately race did play a part in the beating although the school denies it.

I have also noticed that parents in the area let their kids roam the neighborhood at all hours of the night.  Parents should remember the old saying “Its 10pm do you know where your child is?”

 There is no feeling like the feeling of being violated and helpless; although the chances of ever catching the thieves that broke into my cars are slim to none I am hoping that Karma will pay them back.

Tips on Protecting Yourself in Your Area:

1. Keep your doors and windows locked. (Car doors, house doors and windows)
2. If you are not home do not make it obvious.  At night set timers or leave a light on inside and outside with a radio playing inside.(Leave the radio on a timer if possible)  This gives the impression someone is home.  If trash is going to run while you are out, arrange for a neighbor to put your cans out and bring them in.  Have a neighbor pick up your mail.  Stacked up mail is a dead giveaway you are not home.
3. If you have dark or blind spots on your property, install motion lights.  In the long run you will be glad you did.
4. If you are going on vacation, pull your vehicle in the garage and load it inside.  This way a potential thief does not see you packing up your car for a trip.
5. If you have a house alarm, make sure it is armed and all of your contact information is correct at the alarm company.
6. Report any suspicious activity in your area or surrounding area.  You can always remain anonymous.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

PayPal -VS- Amex Serve

Why do individuals and businesses such as MSNBC, Squidoo, and still do business with PayPal?   Is it the convenience of it?  PayPal has more complaints and lawsuits filed against them than I can count.

Everyone has heard the horror stories.  PayPal holding funds for months at a time or refunding buyer’s money based on a bogus claim from the buyer that the merchandise was not as advertised.  PayPal even expects the seller to ship out the product before the seller ever receives the money.

PayPal provides you with an account that is not actually a real merchant account.  Your money is placed into a PayPal account which PayPal earns interest on and PayPal Controls, unlike your own bank account.  If PayPal even thinks that the validity of a transaction is weird or suspicious in their eyes, they will freeze your PayPal account immediately and remove all of your money. 

PayPal is not governed by any banking laws nor are they FDIC insured.  PayPal has its business set up as basically a payment processing center.  That is how PayPal escapes the law.

Also let’s not forget the fact that if you ever have to call customer service or dispute buyers claims, you will be completely ignored.  Oh PayPal will act as if they care and tell you they will look into it.  However, like clockwork three days after you file the dispute PayPal will write and state that PayPal found in favor of the buyer.   PayPal is 100% set up for to protect the buyers.  I urge everyone, before you sign up with PayPal to do your research.  Google PayPal and review the complaints and lawsuits.  I have even been on the Attorney Generals website and reviewed complaints and warnings about PayPal myself.

Remember, PayPal does not follow banking laws so the account holder is at the mercy of PayPal at all times.

PayPal is also owned by Ebay.  This is a huge conflict of interest from a business aspect of things.  Why would you want to do business with a retail/auction company that owns its own payment processing center.  There is supposed to be a system of checks and balances isn't there?  You see the point I am trying to make here?  It leaves to much room for scams at the sellers expense.


Why you should one ditch PayPal in favor of Serve? Answer lies in another question. Have you ever received a payment through Paypal? My fellow blogger colleagues would certainly give a positive nod. Bloggers receive most of the payments through PayPal and we never receive full payments.

PayPal always deducts a commission out of your money. Serve will not do that.

(Borrowed from If you want to read the full article visit 

Use instead and lets put a stop to PayPal ripping consumers off.

Please Note that I was not asked to write this blog.  This information was obtained from court documents, news media and public record. I was not paid to promote it just makes more sense to me.  is operated by American Express and seems to be a more reliable service than PayPal.

Disabled and Ripped Off

My father-in-law is a disabled senior citizen and on January 24, 2012 he drove his 1998 Cadillac Deville to Sullivan Cadillac in Ocala, Florida for repair. The car would not start when he would simply turn the key.  Instead he would have to turn the ignition to the on position and wait 30 seconds for the dash cluster to light up before being able to start the car; this was the reason for his visit to Sullivan Cadillac.

 He spoke with Rick Garbig, Cadillac’s “Advisor” who informed him that the problem was a security issue and estimated the repair to be approximately $500 to correct the issue.  The ignition switch, cylinder, and new keys were cut with the proper security pellet.  He was told that this repair would not only correct the ignition problem, but also correct the dash cluster problem.

 Following completion of the repair, he was advised by Rick Garbig that the repairs did not correct the dash cluster issue; however, the car was able to start right up.  For this reason, Cadillac removed the new ignition switch and put the old one back in. 

According to Cadillac, they now believe the problem is in the ECM (Engine Control Module), the cars computer.  Consequently, he was charged another $ 422.00 which would total approximately $922.00. 
 After installing the ECM, the issue still was not fixed and now, the car was not starting again without waiting for the dash cluster to light up. As you will recall, this was the original problem and the main reason for his visit to Sullivan Cadillac.

 My father-in-law was then informed that it might be the BCM, (Body Control Module).  For that “repair”, he would be charged an additional $993.00, for a total of almost $2,000.00.  Nevertheless, he did refuse any further repair from Sullivan Cadillac and demanded to see the old parts including the ECM.

Unfortunately, Rick Garbig advised him that my old parts were not in their possession anymore.  My father-in-law had informed Sullivan Cadillac in the beginning that he wanted to obtain the old parts for his inspection.  Immediately my father-in-law expressed his concerns regarding their unfair practices.  He believed he was being ripped off and taken advantage of. 

At this point, the Manager Victor Haddad became involved.   My father-in-law demanded that the new ECM be taken out and replaced with the old one but I was told by Victor Haddad, “We do not have your old parts.”  Clearly Victor Haddad recognized that Cadillac was at fault and offers a $100.00 rebate to my father-in-law.  Upset and exhausted, my father-in-law applied the $100.00 rebate and paid his bill with his Visa. 
On January 25, 2012 he returned to Sullivan Cadillac to request a full refund because the car was in the original state as it was when he first brought the car to Sullivan Cadillac. Rick Garbig refused to refund any money and said he will have the car re-diagnosed.  The findings of the diagnostics are as follows:  “Car will start and stall.  Key has to be on for 30 seconds then car will start.  Cluster still has a delay when coming on and ECM not communicating with BCM.”  Please note that the ECM was already replaced. 

 At this point Rick Garbig says “we have a diagnostic tree we follow and replace parts according to that".   In other words, they use a process of elimination.  Sullivan Cadillac led my father-in-law to believe the issues he was being charged for would correct the problem.  Rick Garbig's exact words were "both the tech and myself agree that replacing the ECM will correct most if not all of your issues.”  This was very misleading to my father-in-law as he believed that the repairs would correct the issue.

My father-in-law is on a limited budget as is most of America.  He was refused the old parts and denied any refund.   He felt that because he is a disabled senior citizen, they were trying to purposely and openly rip him off.
 I understand mistakes do happen, but at that time Sullivan Cadillac was not offering to right the situation by offering any compensation.  . By refusing to show him the old parts, Sullivan Cadillac is violating his rights as a consumer. I have read numerous stories involving this same issue and Cadillac ripping off other consumers.  When will it stop?  When will Cadillac (GM) be held accountable for their actions?

To make matters worse, as my father-in-law was walking out of the service center, he was approached by 2 salesmen who said, “I have a car over here for sale with very few problems I can make you a deal on.”  They looked at each other and laughed as if to mach him. Very poor taste if you ask me.

The Good News
After reporting Sullivan Cadillac to the state, the credit card company and writing many letters; including a letter from the law firm where his daughter works Cadillac refunded all of his money.  This is if you ask me, a huge victory for a disabled senior.

If you or someone you know is a senior or disabled senior and you feel like you have been scammed, please report it.  Do not feel ashamed and let bad deeds go unpunished.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Story of US

I have been married for 13 years to my high school sweetheart.  We have actually been together for 18 years.  In 2000 she got pregnant with our first child and I have to say at first I was very resistant to having children.  My son was born Nov. 2000 and his birth was a very complicated one.  He was 10 pounds when he was born yet he was 3 weeks early.  He had some sort of blistery rash all over his body that was never identified and we were unable to hold him for five days after his birth.  He eventually made a full recovery.

Three years later my wife gets pregnant with our second and I completely blame it on Jose Cuervo.  At this point our marriage begins to fall apart.  Not just for the sake that my wife was pregnant again, but also for the fact that my wife at that time was a real, well to put it nice, a real ball buster. My wife would put me down in front of the family and completely make me feel as though I was not good enough for her. It runs in her family. The joke in her family is that they offered to pay her $10,000 not to marry me.

During that time I had gotten addicted to weightlifting and had gone from 325lbs of crap to solid mass at only 8% body fat.  At the time everything that I had been taking for weightlifting was completely legal and when Bush Jr. was elected he ordered a ban on all of the weightlifting supplements I was at that time consuming.  So that gives you an idea of just how strong the supplements were. Needless to say the pro bodybuilding community was not happy.  My judgment, total way of thinking and attitude toward my wife began to change; I became very distant and spent more and more time at the gym.

 I was working for a company at the time called Taylor Bean & Whitaker which was mostly women.  I began to talk to another woman that worked in my department which nearly ruined my life.  Obviously my judgment was compromised because my wife was beautiful and the other woman was, well as my wife puts it a “Sasquatch”.

 My wife and I got separated for a short period of time but she eventually came back home.  Although she was back at home it was more like we were roommates rather than husband and wife. We spent thousands of dollars taking trips without the kids to rekindle our marriage. However it never worked because I was still going to the gym and talking to the other woman.  Eventually I stopped going to the gym and everything I was taking worked its way out of my system.

One morning I woke up and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  I literally thought to myself what the hell was I doing.  I have a wife that recognized her actions toward me, completely changed the way she treated me and began to really act like she was my high school sweetheart again.  I am in no way saying how she treated me was a reason for what I did, I am just saying it helped push me in that direction.  Anyway that morning when I woke up I felt like a completely different person.  I went to work that day and it was my last day at work.
The night before my wife and I had rented a movie to watch together; and while most people in marital trouble spend thousands on marriage counseling we chose alternative ways.   As I mentioned before, we spent thousands on taking trips however it was this one little simple thing that saved our marriage.  We rented a movie that moved us both and forever changed our marriage.  That movie was The Story of Us  with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer.

If you are having troubles in your marriage I highly recommend it. Today we are plus one more child whom I also blame on Jose Cuervo, our marriage is stronger than ever and our communication is great.  Even though we still have our ups and downs I could not ask for a better wife.