Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Promoting Underage Drinking

I have always been a fan of freedom of speech, right to free press, and freedom of expression.  However what I am not a fan of is companies promoting underage drinking.

Last week my wife had to go pick up a few things for the house on her way home from work and the kids were with her because she had just picked them up from school.

On the way out of the store the kids always like to stop at the gumball/prize machines.  Winn-Dixie had a prize machine right next to the gumball machine that read "Little Glasses" featuring your favorite team for .25 cents.

The kids each put their quarter in and what did they get out?  Shot Glasses that's what!  Shot glasses, really?
Our children have to endure enough temptation in schools, today's cartoons, and Nick shows as it is.  Do we really have to promote drinking out of shot glasses by advertising them in a gumball machine?

I know there isn't a shortage of alcoholics with today's economy and I am sure the guy on the corner with a sign that reads will work for food is supporting his local liquor store as well.

While this may be meant to be harmless promotion of sports teams we as parents know what the statistics are of underage drinking. During the past month (30 days), 26.4% of underage persons (ages 12-20) used alcohol, and binge drinking among the same age group was 17.4%. You can think, oh my kid would never do that.  Yea, I have heard that before. We can protect our children to the point of suffocation but we cannot be with them 24-7.  We were all kids once and you all know how it works and how easy it is to cave to peer pressure in today's society.

So what is a parent to do without isolating their children?

Maybe I have read into this to much.  What do you think?  Do you think it is OK to have "Little Glasses" aka shot glasses in a kids prize machine?

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